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TVD-Cast-Long misty walk

I'm all about the compensation ...

Today was the Annual Holiday Party hosted by myself with the lovely jenah, kimbrchick and malkovich03 putting in an appearance. The power went out at my house this morning due to the torrential rain and wind that we were getting. I was a little afraid that we were going to be powerless all day, but everything righted itself and the power came on about 20 minutes before the ladies got there.

We went to lunch at a sports pub and I had the onion rings that make your taste buds sing. They are so freakishly good. I never order onion rings but I just can't resist those beauties. We drank mimosas and watched Inception afterward which was pretty cool but convoluted enough that I feel like I need to watch it again. Jenn, Kim and I also watched a few episodes of Vampire Diaries since Jenn was way behind on that.

So. Cool stuff. Plus I have some book stuff.
Book #272 - Arctic Shift (Denali Shifters #1) by Lissa Matthews - A book without conflict isn't terribly interesting.
In My Mailbox - Free books from Amazon, free books from All Romance, free books from Carina press, books I won, and books I bought. Pretty much an awesome week.

Okay. I'm off to nudge my boy off to bed.

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I had a really lovely day. I wish I hadn't had to leave as early as I did - but I do turn into a pumpkin these days!!! And I'm officially caught up now (as of tonight) AND turning into a pumpkin and going to bed.
But it was a lovely day with good friends and I consider myself lucky.
Enough mushy stuff - ciao!

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