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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

And we get around...

Okay. Cole and I met up with Bff #1 and her husband to see Tron last night. I liked the movie. I'm going to say that first off. I liked it. However, I did think that it was a little too long. Maybe that was just because we saw a 10:15 showing and we didn't get out of the theater until 12:30. I was tired at that point. There were some slow talky-parts in the movie that really dragged it down. Once again, that might just have been the lateness of the evening talking. I loved the light cycle/light flyer scenes. Those were just fun. I thought the ending was LAME. If I was going to see my first sunrise, I hope it would look better than that piece of crap one there. Over all, I liked the movie. They could have edited out a good 20 minutes of it to keep me a little more engaged but I'm not complaining too much. I was also happy that I didn't get a headache watching the 3D stuff. Always a bonus.

Anyway. Book stuff.
Book #271 - Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1) by Rachel Caine - It took me a while to get into it, but I ended up enjoying it.
On My Wishlist (week 15) - Liz Maverick's Crimson City series and Gini Koch's Katherine "Kitty" Katt series.

I'm sleepy. Perhaps I will go bust out my yummy coffee so I don't conk out too early.