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DH-Whiskey-Blue flare

I was born for this!

I'm about to drag the kiddo out to visit the BFF and go see Tron in 3D. Therefore, this is going to be a quick post.

Book #270 - Our Little Secret by Starr Ambrose - Contemporary romance with a touch of a mystery. It's fun, too!

Amb and I went out to the Gilroy Outlets to try to get some Christmas shopping done. It was raining but not really raining on us the entire time. It was, you know, misty spit. Enough were you got wet but not enough to be crazy. We had to stand in the rain to get coffee because the Starbucks down there is an outdoor kiosk and I was STARVING and had to eat immediately.

Anyway. The shopping was kinda a bust. I did get to browse at the B&N but I was good and didn't buy anything. *is proud*

Okay. I have to get ready to go.

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It wasn't terrible but I think it was way too long. The movie started at 10:15 and we got out at 12:30. There were a few parts that were slow. I think that 20-30 minutes could have been shaved off to keep the action flowing.

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