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Stock-Lovely stream in the woods

Never a day goes by ...

Oh, man. I got my hair cut and colored today and my stylist always blows it out and puts all this crap in it. It looked fine until I laid down for a nap. Now I have a huge bubble of hair clinging oddly to the top of my head. Hahaha! I'm so glad no one can see me right now.

My sisters and I are planning out our time to finish up our Christmas shopping. It looks like Amb has claimed a few hours from me on Friday and a large portion of the day on Monday. Friday night I'm meeting my BFF Megan at the movies. Cole's tagging along for that. We're seeing Tron Legacy. I saw the original in the theater although there are some people who refuse to believe me when I say that. Saturday, Heather and I are heading out to get those last few things we need to pick up together.

Hopefully I can get it done over those 3 days and not have to think about buying things any more!

Books stuff:
Book #265 - Lord of Devil Isle by Connie Mason - I get to talk about scurvy and how seamen (ha!) always have all their teeth in historical romances.
Book #266 - Sweet Disgrace by Cherrie Lynn - Blistering sex doesn't mean literal blisters. I'm just sayin'. Also, sexy demons who lust after sweet angels are kinda hot.
Book #267 - Fated (Doomsday Brethren #1.5) by Shayla Black - A short story that pulls the Doomsday arc along.

And now I'm done.

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Enjoy Tron Legacy - I did see the original. I've been very curious about this new one.

provides access

thanks for the inspiration I was stressed by work but i learnt that life is about living to the fullest and enjoying every moment.Thanks a million

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