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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

I juts want something...

Things of note: I did not have a wardrobe fail today. In fact, I dressed completely (including ALL my underwear) and went out to do some Christmas shopping. I even wore shoes. Guys, this is like the most epic thing ever. I wore shoes and underwear AT THE SAME TIME! No, no, hell didn't freeze over. I checked.

I also managed to fire off an email to jenah, kimbrchick and malkovich03 about our annual holiday gathering. WHICH IS THIS SUNDAY AND I WAS SO DAMN SLOW GETTING THE EMAIL OUT THAT I FEEL LIKE A TOOL! So, uhh, guys, if you haven't checked ye olde email yet, you might want to do that. Okay? Thanks.

I have a little bit of the book stuff:
Book #264 - The Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton - I really liked this book and yet my review is so short. I don't get it. I liked it. I promise.
I finished another book this morning but I'm not feeling the snark at the moment and the review was like reading bad fanfic. You know, stilted and wooden. So I saved it to finish tomorrow. I am all about being flexible. Or something.
Teaser Tuesday - Ghosts and Witches (a book I'm not 100% behind at this point), Magic (read 2 pages so don't yet have an opinion) and Djinn (I think I like it).

So, yeah. I've been way tired lately and I'm trying to keep myself awake just a tiny bit longer. Although I don't know why. It's not like I'm doing anything tonight that I need to stay up for. I confuse myself sometimes.

Right. So I'm off to bed.