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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

We're wishing them away ...

Guys, I had a total writer-moment earlier today. No, I didn't finish my novel. That would be a little too writerly for me at the moment. No, instead I found myself out walking my dogs, ambling along one of the main-ish roads near my house when I looked down and realized that I was wearing a pair of fire engine red sweats and my trusty slippers. *face palm* I looked FABULOUS! Like, crazy-cakes fabulous! I swear that I usually get dressed in real clothes when I go outside. But today it just slipped my mind. I was doing laundry and I was wearing these outstanding sweats and I forgot about them.

So to all you commuters at 9 this morning who were driving by my house... I'm so sorry. I won't wear those sweats tomorrow. I promise.

And in other news, I really need to finish novel #2 so that I can go back to editing novel #1. Really.

Book stuff:
Book #263 - Heart of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #1) by Terry Spear - I feel bad about this review because I didn't like the book and the author still commented on the post thanking me for pointing something out. *grimace* I did try to be diplomatic about not liking it and I still told people that they should give it a try since my tastes weren't everyone else's... but yikes!
2011 Reading Challenges - So far I've only signed up for 3 challenges. But there might be more. *steeples fingers diabolically* There might be more.

Alrighty, darlings. I'm off to do things.

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Perhaps if the slippers were pink bunny slippers...it would be worse?

No. It couldn't have been worse. Fire engine red sweat pants. Actually, they're not sweat pants. They're velour pants. LOVELY!

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