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Every step brings you closer ...

It's really not a surprise, I think, that I love decorating for the holidays. It starts with Halloween and just continues through the end of the year. My mom picked up our Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we decorated that and the inside of the house but I hadn't managed to do anything with the outside yet. Of course this leads to everyone in my family asking me when I'm going to get it done. *sigh* So today, since if wasn't actively raining (although it was still damp out) I got outside and put the damn lights up. And they look pretty fabulous. Pretty darn fabulous.

Now my family can get off my back while I decide whether or not I want to do any more decorating or just leave it with the classy lights.

Okay. Things of a bookish variety.
Book #250 - Deals with Demons: Angels and Demons by Victoria Davies - I'm always impressed when a writer can pull of the sexy demon vibe. Yum.
Book #251 - My Avenging Angel: Angels and Demons by Madelyn Ford - It turns out I prefer demons to angels. *g*

I have two more reviews to post but I'm waffling on whether to write them up tonight or tomorrow. I mean, two reviews a day should be enough, right?

Okay. That's all from me.