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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

Look to the side to see it ...

Guys, it's Friday. Yeah, that pretty much means absolutely nothing to me except that my sister wants to go shopping tomorrow and the kids are underfoot for the next two days.

Have I mentioned that I need to finish my NaNo novel? Because I do. I hit that 50K plateau and immediately slacked off. This is despite vowing that I would finish the entire novel by the end of November. I suck. But I still have great plans for it and my read through a week or so ago convinced me that it's actually very good. Or at least I think so. But I wrote it, so I'm a little biased.

Hey! Do you guys remember when I was reviewing the Vampire Academy books for that re-read challenge at the end of November? Well, I won the grand prize for that which is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AWESOME! I won a copy of Last Sacrifice (the last VA book), the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent, some other books, bookmarks, and VA inspired jewelry. I'm sure I'll take pictures once I get it.

I also won another book through another contest earlier in the week that I forgot to mention. Is this is best book week ever or what?!?!

Tomorrow, I'm dragging the lovely and talented malkovich03 out to the tree lighting ceremony for my little town. Apparently it's big deal. There's a parade and everything. We're going to either go to dinner, lunch or drinking at some point. All I know is that I want a Snakebite at some point. Mmm. Snakebite.

Okay. Book stuff.
Book #247 - Sons of Lyra: Slave Princess by Felicity Heaton - A nice, sexy sci-fi romance. I've been digging Felicity Heaton's books lately. Part of it is the extremely attractive price ($1-$3) and part of it is just the sexy. Yum.
Book #248 - The Vampire Queen's Servant (Vampire Queen #1) by Joey W. Hill - Oddly, it isn't the type of book I would have normally picked up, but I'm very glad I did.

Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday - My answer to both parts of the post cracked me up. And they're all true. That's the funny part.

Okay. I'm out. I have to watch those Winchester boys heat up my screen.