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Once we had a chance ...

Cole stayed home from school again today but he's definitely on the mend. However, Hailey has the stomach virus now. Poor thing. She's usually so bouncy and all over the place that it's really hard to watch her being a lethargic little noodle on the couch. Heather's taking tomorrow off to stay home with her, which will be OMG! SO NICE! for me! Because I'm on the 3rd day of being awash in sick kids and I'm ready for it to end.

I'm tired. My sleep schedule has been completely thrown out of whack with all these sick kids at home. Not that I have such a fantastic sleep schedule as it is. I stay up late. I get up early. I sleep in the middle of the day. I rock.

Book stuff:
Book #243 - Crazed Hearts (Grimm's Circle #3) by Shiloh Walker - I'm reading this series backwards. Why? I don't know.

Teaser Tuesday - Angels, Fae and Vampires! Oh, my!
30 days of books... Day 78 - High fantasy with a hint of our world thrown in.

I won an Advanced Reader Copy of Deadlock, the Moira Rogers book that's coming out at the beginning of January, and I'm absolutely loving it. One thing about book blogging I really enjoy is the interactions I get to have with authors. Moira Rogers is one of the best. <3

I'm done now.