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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

We will never part ...

The kiddo is still sick. I think he watched every movie on AMC yesterday starting at Terminator, winding through Predator and Predator 2 (which is a movie I really dislike, btw) and finishing up with... I actually can't remember the last one. He was in bed all day. There was a lot of TV on.

Randomly, I had the 4th episode of The Walking Dead on my DVR waiting patiently for me to watch it and Cole asked if he could watch it with me. Now, my boy isn't the biggest fan of Zombies. In fact, when the 1st episode aired, he freaked out on me and wouldn't let me watch it until he'd gone to bed. Yet now he was voluntarily choosing to watch an ep? Okay. He enjoyed it enough to watch last night's ep (ep 5... it's almost over. Boo.) also. Go figure.

So, I'm caught up on that.

Amb had to take today off work since Baby Ry has his nasty double ear infection. We went Christmas shopping. Because that's what you do when you're playing hooky from work. Isn't it?

And some quick book stuff:
My Vampire Academy re-read is completed. Just in time for the final book in the series. Here's my rambling review where I talk about the things I enjoyed and not much else - Spirit Bound
30 days of books... Day 77 - I love it when the free Kindle downloads are books I've been wanting to read!

I'm done now.

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Ever watch mad men on amc? Really good.

I have not. But I think Christina Hendricks is really pretty.

Sorry to hear he's so sick

My whole damn house is catching it. It's horrifying!

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