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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

You're going back in pieces ...

I was up all night last night with Cole. We watched Signs. He puked. We watched Signs again. He puked some more. I think that every time I started to fall asleep he'd bolt out of the bed (I had him in my room since it's close to the bathroom) and start puking again. It was gross. AND IT HASN'T STOPPED YET TODAY!

Baby Ryan has a double ear infection, I'll be watching him for a few hours tomorrow. Cole obviously won't be going to school since he hasn't been able to keep anything down in over 24 hours. Heather called earlier and said that Hailey's hanging over the toilet.

Tomorrow's going to be awesome.

I'm just crossing my fingers that this nasty bug passes me completely by. I do not want to be doing any puking. None. Zero amounts.

In other news, we got our Christmas tree today. My mom was convinced that she'd be happy with a 7-8 foot tree. Yeah, right. She came home with a 10 foot one. I swear! 10 feet. We could barely get it up the front steps it was so damn big. Heather said that trying to squeeze it into the front door was like a football trying to fuck a monkey. That sent me into a hysterical bought of laughter, which really didn't help us much with the getting of the tree inside.

Anyway. It's up. It's decorated. It has pretty, pretty lights.

I have some minor bookish stuff:
In My Mailbox - I did really well not buying any books the month of November. Until this week. Damn myself.
30 days of books... Day 76 - High fantasy, free on the Kindle.

And that's all. Cole's conked out for the moment. My poor guy.