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Heroes-Red umbrella in the rain

One of my toughest challenges ...

I was holed up inside the house today and I didn't realize it was raining out until I went to take the dogs for a walk and got FUCKING POURED ON! The dogs and I almost needed an ARK to make it around the block. Blech. I like the rain, I really do. When I'm prepared for it! Being outside in a sweater and not much else (OKAY, FINE! I had pants a shirt on, too!) was not my idea of a good time.

I mean, it is kinda funny now, but not when I had water dripping down the back of my neck.

Anyway. My mom's making a full Thanksgiving meal tomorrow since Amber, Phil and baby Ry-Guy weren't here on the actual holiday. Mmmm. Turkey and pie. I'm way more excited about this than I should be seeing as I just ate turkey and pie two days ago.

Book stuff:
Book #242 - Seduce the Darkness (Alien Huntress #4) by Gena Showater - Sexy aliens are sexy!

On My Wishlist (week 12) - Succubi, demons and Winter Wishes!
30 days of books... Day 75 - Regency Werewolves! Yum!
Giveaway Winners - I pretty much think that sums it up. The winners of my giveaway. Boo-yah!

And that is all I have to say.