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Give me that old fashioned morphine ...

Happy Thanksgiving, all you who live in the US. Happy Thursday to everyone else. :)

I'm tired. I took a marathon nap earlier but I feel like my head needs to sit down and decompress or something. I'm not even doing my 30 days of books thing over at Reading the Paranormal because it feels like way too much work.

So, yeah.
Bookg Through Thursday - Being Thankful - Dirty books, werewolves and hot man parts. Yes, that is what I'm thankful for. I make no apologies.

My typing sucks right now.

I'm going to see HP7 tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it quite as much as I thought I would be. Is this the tiredness talking? I don't know. Maybe if I had finished watching HP6 I'd feel differently. But I didn't. And it's not going to happen tonight.


Catch you all tomorrow.

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opening line, very familiar. wil wheaton perhaps?

A song, actually. By Jolie Holland, I believe.

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