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DW-Rose-All boxed up with nowhere to go

Turns out I'm a vampire myself ...

When my mom took the dogs to the vet not too long ago, the doc said that they had...umm, gained a little weight** and I needed to cut back on the amount of food my little darlings are getting every day. Okay. I can do that. So I cut them down and now I ask my family every day if Ruby's looking slimmer (she's the fatter of the two). I always get the same look, the one that says "Dude, it's been a week. I can't tell a difference." Whatever, family. I put my dogs on a diet, I want to see some results!

**Random aside: I would just like to mention that my minor obsession with peanut butter led to me buying a bag of after-Halloween discount Reese's. BAD IDEA! I'd like to take this moment to extend a big, fat Fuck You! to Reese's and their candy. And now I'm going to promptly take it back because WHAT IF THEY HEAR ME AND STOP MAKING PEANUT BUTTER CUPS?!?!?! WOE!!! The point in this is that my dogs aren't the only ones in the house who need to watch what they're eating.

NaNo stats:
I'm embarrassed to admit that I slacked like a champion slacker today. I wrote a grand total of 250 words. Boo. This is suck-a-licious because I've hit a really awesome part of the story with a revelation that I didn't see coming (but which makes perfect sense, thankyouverymuch) and I want to write it. I'm just momentarily unmotivated. I do, however, plan on getting this story done, in its entirety, by the end of the month.

No more slacking for me.

Book stuff:
Books #235 & #236 - Holiday Bound by Beth Kery & Snowy Night Seduction by Arianna Hart - Earlier this week, Samhain Publishing released a bunch of books as free downloads for the Kindle and Nook. I snapped up most of them. Now I've reviewed the first two of the lot.

Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday - Why, yes. I did just admit that I keep trying to sell my son to the gypsies. Yeah, I don't know either.
30 days of books... Day 68 - High fantasy! Now with blood and guts. No, wait. That's usually present anyway.

There you have it.
I'm hungry, it's getting late. I should really eat.

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One must always avoid purchasing the Reese's. Oh yes. Like the fucking plague.

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