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SPN-Boys going gravedigging

Hold your glass up ...

You want to know something fantastic, guys? Yesterday was my little Ruby's one year birthday with us. No, she's not one year old, we got her one year ago yesterday. Awwwww. My fat, little chiweenie. How the hell do you spell that? Chi-Weenie? Chiweenie? She's a Chihuahua-Wiener dog mix. She's dumb as as post but I love her anyway. Speaking of which, she really needs to stop eating tanbark whenever we go outside. She's going to get a splinter one day. Oh, and the other day I had to pry a piece of chewed gum out of her mouth. Awesome. In a completely gross, 'dude, this gum has been chewed by someone already' sort of way.

Yes, I washed my hands afterward.

NaNo stats:

I meant to write more today. I got distracted. Oops. I'm in the middle of an interesting scene between the kidnap victim from book 1 and my hero. Lots of revelations. Lots of angst. Lots of tears. It's kinda fun to write.

Book stuff:
Book #234 - Water Bound (Sisters of the Heart #1) by Christine Feehan - I freely admit that I like Christine Feehan's overwrought heroes and the explosive sex that tends to occur when they get around their women.

30 days of books... Day 65 - There's this whole line in the synopsis about how the slaver who bought the heroine doesn't want her virginity but wants her to surrender her Yin. How awesome is that?
Teaser Tuesday - Vampires, Steampunk and Incarceron. Dude, I've been reading Incarceron for way too many weeks now. I think I'm on page 15 or something ridiculous like that. Is it time to throw in the towel and let it percolate back on the To-Read pile?

There you have it. I just finished the first Vampire Academy book (and that's what distracted me from writing, in case you were wondering) and I have great plans to read the rest of the series before the end of the week. We'll see how that works out.

I am done.