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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

What are we up to over here?

Cole had his flag football game today and it was both windy and hot. That's a weird combination, guys. Just, weird. Actually, when I say "flag football game" I really mean games since he plays 2 back-to-back. They're only 45 minutes each so it's not like he's out there for hours and hours or anything. Still, by the end of the second, I was ready to go home. The wind was making my eyes water and the sun was making me sweat. I didn't enjoy it.

In other news, my dogs are ridiculously cute. As always.

NaNo stats:

I'm in the middle of writing one of the wrenching scenes that I've been working toward since the end of book 1. My kidnapped girl is going back to see her family for the first time in 15 years. She has doubts as to how they can love her. She can't imagine that they can accept her as she is, scarred and broken. They can't believe that their daughter has been returned to them. It's hard to write. Not hard, like the muse is being uncooperative. Hard, like emotionally difficult. After a book and a half, my main character feels real to me. Part of me doesn't want to put her through something this emotionally wrenching. And the other part of me is telling me to dive in and go for it.

I'm balancing between the two by diving in and then taking breaks to chat with people on twitter. Hey, it works for me.

I'm trying to hit 40K tonight. Earlier I would have said there was no way in hell. Now? I think I can.

Things of the bookish variety:
In My Mailbox - Kindle books. Books for my Kindle. None of which I spent any money on. Free stuff is good.
30 days of books... Day 63 - The 2nd book in a series I picked up free a few months ago. Nice.

Okay. A few hundred more words then I get to treat myself to The Walking Dead. Then I have to plan the book giveaway I was chattering about yesterday. Then I'll sleep. Maybe. I had a lot of coffee. Sleep might not be an option.