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I find courage ...

I've been battling the headaches to end all headaches all day today. I fell asleep with the beginnings of it last night (and of course I figured that since I was only going to sleep I didn't need to take anything for it. bad idea.) and woke up with it boring at full-speed through my skull, laughing maniacally at everything I took to try and tame it.

It was not enjoyable. I slept for about 3 hours this morning (from 9:30 to almost 1) with my head under the covers in an attempt to tame it. Then I took another 1 1/2-2 hour nap this evening. I feel slightly better but at the same time I can feel it lurking in the back of my skull, waiting for me to lower my defenses so it can pounce.

Despite all that sleeping I managed to get in my NaNo wordcount.

It was a struggle today. However, I'm very pleased with the writing itself and some of the side roads the characters are taking on me. It's really amazing how they come to life and start leading you and showing you what they should be doing.

Book stuff:
30 days of books... Day 58 - Dystopian and creepy. I like it already.
Teaser Tuesday - 3 of the 4 books I teased last week, which should just go to show you how much writing and how little reading I've been doing. However, I finished one of them earlier this evening and will be reviewing it tomorrow. Because my brain is mushy right now.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I won Bluebeard's Machine by Mari Fee. Today, I emailed an author who had left a comment on one of my posts offering me a digital copy of her book and she sent it over. It's like Christmas in November over here! A Steampunk Christmas! Boo-yah!

My head is starting to hurt again.