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ST-Kirk/McCoy-Kirk likes the big chair

The evils are no match ...

I've spent the day fingernails deep in clay, helping Cole with his ginormous Egypt project that's due tomorrow. It's one of those group projects where no one in the group is really helping out. Cole's a mess with this and has been freaking out since Friday when he found out that no one was willing to help him with the 3-D bird's eye view map portion. It's done now. I got to use my mad sculpting skills to make pyramids.

My weekend is complete.

Yeah. Anyway. Yesterday's NaNo word count could have turned out very badly but I somehow had a miraculous hour and a half of writing (from 10-11:30 last night!) and got my 1,667 words in for the day. Yay!

Today was even better because I started writing early and stuck with it on and off all day (the off portion being while I was freezing my ass off and getting rained on at Cole's football game).
Total wordcount to-date:

2300 today and roughly 1700 yesterday.

My next NaNo goal is to kick past 25K words. That'll be sweeeeet!

Book stuff:
30 days of books... Day 56 - I love the phrase "The fickle finger of fate". Absolutely love it!
In My Mailbox - I didn't spend a dime this week on books. And yet I still got some new ones. I love free Kindle downloads!

My wee beast is snoozing on my bed. I've got to get him settled in his won room.