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Heroes-Red umbrella in the rain

How do I put this away?

You know, it just hit me that I never watched last week's Vampire Diaries. Huh. Maybe I should do that and then watch tonight's. I mean, obviously I'm going to watch last week's first. I think that goes without saying. But maybe I'll do something crazy and watch both of them tonight. Careful, I might trigger the apocalypse with them there fighting words.

Anyway. I'm on the tired side and so I'm going to keep this short.

NaNo Update

I stopped writing the scene I'm working on mid-coitus. That's probably pretty tough on my poor characters. They're all revved up and ready to go and I'm like, lala, I'm going to go eat dinner now and leave this for later. I feel a little evil right now.

I did a big, old NaNo post over at my book blog: NaNo Update: Using the tools - Written a few hours ago so the numbers are a bit off now, but you get to learn about the all important NaNo Stats page. FUN!

Book Stuff
30 days of books... Day 53 - Chaste knights. Nuff said!
Booking Through Thursday - Bad writing is bad - My take on what constitutes bad writing.

I really wrote a lot between the NaNo post and the Bad Writing post. Wow. Plus I ground out 2500+ words on the novel. I like days like this!

Since I'm both tired and hot right now I think I'll go.