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DH-Whiskey-Blue flare

It felt like no one could hear me ...

Another day of NaNo under my belt. I'm on a two day writing streak, yo! I KNOW! Contain your excitement. It's only going to get better from here. I'm particularly pleased with today's writing because Cole was home sick which always leads to many distractions. He was achy and feverish last night (although he seemed to be 100% better by the time he went to bed tonight) and I kept him our of school today. Having him home kinda throws off my writing schedule. Not that I have a "schedule" exactly. But it throws off the flow of my day. I can't just sit down and write when the TV is blaring away behind me. I try. I really do. I put my headphones in and listen to my awesome music but I get so easily distracted that it's almost a joke. It's funny how I have no problem writing with my music blaring away but the moment the TV comes on I have a brain fart and keep turning around to watch it.

Anyway. My up to the moment stats:

I was trying to break 10K today, so I'm going to have to haul ass if I plan on doing that before midnight.
NaNo update: Looking back on the past two days - Pretty much everything I said here except with a breakdown of my wordcounts for each day. And this was done a few hours ago so the final number isn't exactly accurate. :)

It's funny how going through the process of writing the first novel (epic werewolf masterpiece #1) has made this entire NaNo thing so much less stressful than in previous years. Of course, I'm saying that now. We'll see what I'm saying next week when I've hit my mid-month slump.

Okay. Book stuff:
30 days of books... Day 51 - I wrote this early this morning so I wouldn't forget to post it. Gamblers! River boats! Other stuff!
Teaser Tuesday - Werewolves, crushing death and FIRE! I try to cover all my bases.

Okay. I have 2000 words to write in the next two hours.

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I'm the same way with music in headphones - I do that at work when I really need to stay focused.

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