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Stock-All these witchy things

This is the way the world ends ...

I love Halloween. I really, really do. But by the time it swings around I've had the decorations up for a month and I'm ready to clean them up and put them away. That's on tomorrow's to-do list.

I wasn't sure if Cole was going to go trick or treating this year. He really couldn't decide on a costume. He wanted to go out with his friends but I kinda said no to that. He ended up putting on the costume he's putting together for a project at school on Egypt and being a Pharaoh. There isn't all that much to it since he decided to do this at the last minute and we hadn't made the headdress yet, but I think he looked pretty cool.

Oh, and the two of us went to the houses in our complex. I wore my wings. We were awesome.

Since Cole fell asleep a few minutes ago and I have free time on my hands until midnight -- WHEN NANOWRIMO KICKS OFF -- I think I'll post my bookish stuff and then watch The Walking Dead.

Book #231 - You Are So Undead To Me (Megan Berry #1) by Stacey Jay - Hilarious book! Zombies and high school kids make for some wacky shenanigans. As a plus, I met Stacey Jay at that book signing I went to last Thursday and my book is signed! Yay!

30 days if books... Day 49 - Vampires and murder. What could be better?
In My Mailbox - I didn't buy many books this week. And with NaNo starting up, I'm going to be pulling back even more so I can concentrate on getting my 50K words. That's a good thing. I have so many books sitting here that I haven't read yet it's getting ridiculous.

Okay. I have to roust the boy from where he fell asleep on my bed so I can start my Zombie love!