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Calvin-This is how I do my thing

Annoying to the extreme!

I officially hate the delivery service Amazon has been using lately. I liked UPS. UPS delivered my books to my house on the day they said they would. This OnTrac? SUCKS. A week ago, a mere week ago, I complained about a box being delivered either to the wrong house or a day later than the tracking said it was. I'm still leaning toward the wrong house because I can't imagine a delivery service making deliveries before 5:30 in the morning.

Now, I don't blame Amazon for this. Although I do blame them for continuing to use OnTrac's sucktastic service. But whatever. Amazon sent the books out. OnTrac fucked up the delivery.

So, I ordered the 9th Morganville Vampires book by Rachel Caine. It came out today. One of the perks that Amazon offers is that they'll do release day delivery for books. Okay. I'm in. Obviously. However, that means that I expect my FUCKING BOOK TO BE DELIVERED ON THE DAY IT'S RELEASED! Not tomorrow. Today. If I wanted it tomorrow, I could go to the bookstore. If I had known that I wasn't going to get it today, I could have gone to the bookstore. But I didn't. Now give me my fucking book before I lose what little patience I'm hanging onto and go all HULKSMASH on your website.

No, I'm not happy about this. I wanted the book. I made sure I wasn't reading anything that couldn't be interrupted. I planned for this. Which is both sad and pathetic and I don't care because you said I'd have my book and I still don't.

Fuck you, OnTrac. I hope you get some bizarre genital disease that slowly eats you away from the inside.

Okay. My rant is done. I think.

I have some book stuff to talk about.
30 days of books... Day 44 - I shouldn't do these while I'm angry. Seriously.
Teaser Tuesday - Those are fucking awesome teasers. I dare you to tell me otherwise. Really.

I'm going to take my anger and channel it into a strongly worded email to Amazon now.

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so, what should i bring this weekend?

Whatever you want. Would you be interested in a Halloween themed screwdriver? I'm talking about an alcoholic screwdriver, btw. Black vodka and orange juice. That's assuming I can find black vodka. Come to think of it, maybe I should see if my little, bitty town carries that sort of fancy stuff before I offer it to you.

And, what are you doing tomorrow (Thursday) around 7?

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