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Stock-Starbucks iced coffee

This is almost the worst thing I've ever heard ...

I've had a hard time getting up in the morning lately. After that day last week where I totally overslept and got teased about it endlessly by my family, I've been possessed by the idea that I wasn't going to oversleep again. And I haven't. But, my GOD, it's been hard to drag myself out of bed every day.

Now, you could point out that staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning and getting up at 5:30 does not a full night of sleep make. And while I'll agree with you, just have the hardest time going to bed earlier. I try. I really do. I tell myself that I'm going to turn off my light at midnight. Yet ... 1 o'clock rolls around and I'm still up.

So. Due to this, I've decided to try to cut down on my coffee intake. What does that mean? Instead of three really big cups of coffee I'm only going to have two. I know! It's shocking the lengths I'll go to. Shocking!

We'll see how this works out. No, really. We'll see. I make no promises.

Anyway. Book stuff.
Book #227 - Fallen (Fallen #1) by Lauren Kate - Oh, thank you, Lauren Kate, for ripping little pieces of my heart out of my chest and making me look at those tiny, wriggling bits while I wallowed in the epicness of Luce and Daniel's story.

30 days of books... Day 43 - I picked up the first book in this series free from Amazon and the second free from Borders. Nice!
The downside of planning for NaNo - Being organized and planning ahead is KILLING me! How many more days until November starts? Gah!

I must get the kid off to bed!

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My goodness do I know about this coffee / sleep issue or what! I have exactly the same issue, though I've now swapped to tea rather than coffee after 7pm... Hoping that helps! Good luck with your coffee cut down too.

Going to pick up fallen when I'm back in England I've heard nothing but good reviews!

I loved Fallen! It just grabbed me and wrung me out.

My coffee cut down isn't go so well. I caved and had a third cup in the evening yesterday. Whoops.

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