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There's a crash ...

Today was a do-nothing day. I meant to do things. I really did, but somehow I just sat around and read and slept and ... slept. I stayed up way too late last night and for some reason the 3 hours of sleep I ended up with was absolutely not cutting it.

Oh, wait. I did dry hump the bargain books list at Amazon. Ultimately it wasn't as satisfying as the time I spend with the Kindle books at Amazon but that's only because the Kindle books download immediately. I actually have to wait for the bargain books to ship to me. Hence the dry humping.

Okay. Book stuff.
Book #219 - The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo & The Poltergeist Accountant (Karmic Consultant #1) by Vivi Andrews - That is a damn long title for a book. I'm just saying. It's also a good book. I'm just saying.
Book #220 - Force My Hand by Em Brown - Not great by any means but still fairly interesting. I guess.

30 days of books... Day 36 - I ramble about the Poltergeist movies for some reason. It's weird.

I'm pretty sure Cole hasn't finished his homework. The kid sure does like to draw it out.

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They all like to drag it out.............

Uggh. He was being so good for a while and now it's taking longer and longer to finish up those last few homeworky things. Blah.

Yeah I remember that happening with Alex around that age too. We've (unfortunately) been struggling ever since and now even have the issue with TURNING it in. OY

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