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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

You can't hide ...

Okay, heat, you can go away now. I really think that mid-October is more than early enough to let that fall weather just flow on through. Seriously. I'm tired of sweating. I'm tired of the stupid tan line on my feet from my flip flops. I'm just ready for it sweater weather.


Okay. I had a whole bunch of stuff I was going to talk about today but then the heat sucked all of my brain out of me.

Randomly, I bought some cool purple Halloween lights that I put out on our patio and I told my mom that I was totally snaking them once Halloween was over. Of course, the fact that I bought them and everything kinda means I can do whatever I want with them and the look my mom gave me kinda said exactly that, but that's beside the point.

Purple Halloween lights!

Okay. Bookish stuff:
Book #212 - Saving Sophie by Elle Amery - Hmm, contemporary romance. When will I learn to just leave it be? When?
Book #213 - The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower #2) by Stephen King - I love this series. And re-reading this book gives me a little tickle to re-read the entire series. When will I have the time?

30 days of books... Day 30 - Serial killers are seriously scary! Also, don't let the 30th day fool you, I'm going to keep doing this until I run out of books.
Teaser Tuesday - Umm, two of these teasers are for books I reviewed today. Nice!

Okay. I'm going to go sweat now.

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I want some heat! It's getting miserable and cold here. I can't remember the last time I wore my flip flips out.

You can have ours! I don't mind. At.All.

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