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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Don't come back for me ...

Holy crap! I almost forgot to journal today. I ... don't even understand. I don't get it. What? It must have been that Mike's Hard Lemonade. Funny story, I grabbed 2 Mike's earlier and drank one while I was reading and when I went to open the second one I totally couldn't get the cap off. I figure it was the Gods of Drunken Tweeting telling me not to drink it. So I didn't.

Yeah. Anyway. Here at Casa Rubidoux we have a jam packed weekend. Hailey's soccer game tomorrow morning, although she threw up this afternoon so that might not be happening. Then we're going to the pumpkin patch. This is a crazy huge pumpkin patch with a train and corn maze and grilled corn on the cob and ... lots of other things. Sunday is Heather's birthday so we'll be doing that whole family thing.

Which brings me to a topic that's near and dear to my heart ... My Birthday. It's on the 17th, guys. I accept parcels of land and jewels, preferably cut and polished already so I can sell them immediately. I mean, what?

Okay, I'm kidding about the jewels but the parcels of land thing is still on the table. Right? Right?

Okay. Books.
Book #203 - Friday's Child-Sexual Healing by Moira Rogers - I won this through Twitter. Fun!
Book #204 - Eternal Pleasure (Gods of the Night #1) by Nina Bangs - All I can say is that I had no idea dinosaurs were so sexy. I'm just sayin'.

30 days of books... Day 26 - What in the name of Pete am I downloading?
On My Wishlist (week 5) - The werewolf edition, now with polar bears. As an aside, this is one of my favorite weekly events I participate in. I love scouring my wishlist and being reminded of all the great books I'm dying to read.

Okay, full day tomorrow, I'm ready to map you out. Also, that one Mike's has made me sleepy.

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I've been meaning to ask you what you might like to do for your birthday? :) I have a (smallish - sorry) idea for something you'd enjoy but that is gift-oriented.

Lacey's carting me off to dinner in SF.
I was hoping we could get together for an impromptu Halloween gathering. Maybe on the 30th? Yes? No?

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