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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

Do you know what's worth fighting for?

I did some major Halloween decorating today. Major. Spiderwebs. Tombstones. Skulls. Bones. Halloween colored lights. I was going to take a picture of it but then it started almost-raining and I decided to go inside. What? Almost-raining. Like, it wanted to rain and I could feel a light mist but there were no actual drops. Almost-raining. I'm sure it's in the dictionary or something. Maybe it's only the dictionary in my head. The one that tells me fifty different ways to describe man parts while writing.

Okay, I need to put all the bookish things down before I forget. Because that would be tragic. TRAGIC!
Short story - Steal Me by Tina Folsom - It's a short story. There wasn't a whole lot of room for character development, people.
Book #196 - Seventh Circle (Vampires Realm) by Felicity Heaton - I liked it. Not as much as the other book I read recently by this author, but it was fun and sexy. Score!
Book #197 - Sisters Red (Sisters Red #1) by Jackson Pearce - Okay. Jackson Pearce is doing a 30 Days of Vlogging challenge and her vlogs crack me up so bad that I had to go out and buy her book. Had.To.

Teaser Tuesday - Sisters Red, Unholy Ghosts (love, love, love this book!) and Radiance.
30 days of books... Day 23 - More free Kindle books! I'm like a ninja- sneaking and finding those free books left and right!

Speaking of which, Standoff: Cascadia Wolves Book 5 by Lauren Dane is a free ebook through Borders for a limited time. FREE BOOKS! Oh, and here's a few more free books from Borders.

Look at me! Promoting literacy like a fiend. Read! Read like the wind! Read like a mad thing! Just read! Oh, and visit my book review site and leave me comments! I love comments.

See, I told you I had a lot of book stuff I had to get out before I forgot.
Pictures of the awesome Halloween decorating tomorrow. I promise. Mostly.