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Stock-Tea is my drink

I don't even know what's going on ...

It's been kinda cold and overcast today (which I love!) and my mom made split pea soup. Yum. Well, it was yum until I ate too much and now my stomach hurts. Boo. I have a sad face on right now.

Okay. I'm going to keep this short.
30 days of books... Day 22 - More free books. Seriously, if you own a Kindle it pays to check out the top 100 free books. I get a lot of books through that.
Spotlight on... Moira Rogers' Red Rock Pass - Werewolves on a mission. Check it!

Cole asked me to help him re-write an essay. The kid who corrected it for him told him that he should use a word other than "we". Like, what? 'We' need to get food. 'We' need to buy alcohol so I can think up a synonym. Seriously, what can you substitute in its place?

Anyway. I got my hair done this morning. My hair lady wants to do some funky stuff to it. And I'm like, please don't give me the Justin Bieber.

Okay. I'm done. Done done done done done. And done.

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tell him to use 'nosotros'

Umm, okay. But I don't know what that means, which means I won't be able to explain it to Cole. :)

Well, more like 'us' but, close enough

Umm, you're really not helping here. :)

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