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Calvin-Crap! I'm caught in a spider web!

If I can't see it ...

I had a horrible, horrible incident with a moth earlier and I think I'm scarred for life. First off, I loathe flying bug-type things. Even hummingbirds scare me. The way they hum and buzz and flit. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF IT GOT CAUGHT IN MY HAIR? AND MY HAIR'S SO SHORT THE DAMN THING WOULD BE NESTING ON MY SCALP! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T HANDLE THINKING ABOUT THIS! Holy smokes, I'm freaking out about a fictional hummingbird. There was no hummingbird. The moth, on the other hand, was real. Cole noticed it last night but it was up near the ceiling and I was all cool and stuff and said "Don't worry, son. We'll be fine." Cut to today when the fucking thing was WALKING ACROSS MY BED!

That is just so wrong on so very, very many levels. *shudder*

In my calm and meditative (and extremely zen-like) way, I jumped out of my chair, flapped my hands around like something deranged and shrieked "MOTH! MOTH! MOTH!" as I ran from the room. Cole, Hailey and the dogs followed me out and found me hunkered down in Cole's room rocking and scrubbing repeatedly at my arms. I'm kidding about that last part. But I was in Cole's room and I was trying to shut the door on them because what if the moth had followed them and it was trying to get in that room with me?

That is a very serious question, people. Very serious.

I had to leave my room for a while but now I'm back. I have no idea where the moth is. I don't particularly want to know where it is. If it flutters through I'll probably scream like a 13-year-old Bieber fan meeting my idol for the first time.

But you know what? As long as I can't see it, it must be gone. Right? RIGHT?!?!?

*deep breath*

Bookish stuff:
Book #195 - Demon Dreamer: A Captive Souls Story by Vivi Anna - In summation: Meet, fuck, love.
30 days of books... Day 21 - The curse of the free Kindle books or maybe I need to read the synopsis a little better before downloading.

I have a bunch of things I need to get done- Two more reviews to write, a couple of updates on my web pages, conquer the internet so I can build a secret moth-free lair and steeple my fingers diabolically whenever I want. You know, the usual.