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My beast of a child had a virtual ton of homework tonight. He's normally very good about getting everything done and tonight was no exception really. Except. Except that he had so much that his normal homework schedule (homework, break for Halo, homework, break for Halo, later, rinse, repeat) wasn't quite working. He had to do more of the homework and less of the breaking. Of course today is the day he's (in his words) "trying to level up on Halo, mom, and it's very hard!" Geez, my kid's a hoot. Anyway. He's done now, although he's been working on it off and on since 4 or so. Yikes! That's a lot of homework.

Random tidbit: I never oversleep. Never. My alarm goes off disturbingly early, I get up, all is well. Last night Heather let me know that she had to head out to work a few minutes early today to pick up coffee for a meeting and she'd be dropping Hailey off a wee bit earlier than normal. Cue me turning off my alarm and falling back asleep this morning. Isn't that the way it always happens? Woe. Don't worry I still got up on time, I was just rushing around like a loon. It was kinda funny.

Bookish stuff:
I didn't read a book, but I did get my copy of Dreadnought , the fabulous follow-up to Boneshaker and Clemetine, in the mail today. I'm 200 or so pages in and I've been marking the pages that have good quotes on them. I think I have 15 or so pieces of paper sticking out of this poor book. It's a quote-a-palooza.
30 days of books... Day 16 - Free books aren't always good.
Teaser Tuesday - Tin spiders and sexy vampires. Nice.

I have a two part idea for a weekly feature I'd like to add to my book blog. I've done half the work for it- the grunt work, if you will, where I gather the books covers for the first post and make the banners- but I haven't talked myself into sitting down and working on it yet. The second part of it revolves around making a complimentary fanpage at Squidoo. It's the same thing there- I have the bits and pieces but I haven't sat down and started it.

Back to my steampunk Zombies.