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Calvin-This is how I do my thing

This is how I do my thing ...

It's hot and I'm on the edge of grumpy. Enjoyable? Not so much. So I'll keep this short.

I read a book.
Book #193 - Winter's Kiss (Vampires Realm) by F.E. Heaton - Very, very good. Plus, I totally won it through a contest, so I got a good book at no cost. Love that!
30 days of books... Day 15 - The last of my Scott Westerfeld books. I promise.

Ruby is giving me puppy dog eyes right now. Why? I have no idea. But it is starting to freak me out a little. Does she need to go outside? Does she need a belly rub? What? Tell me, dog! Tell me!

And that's all I got, people.

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She ALWAYS gives you puppy eyes

Yeah, she does. She's so cute!

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