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All my friends are vampires ...

Dammit, guys! Why didn't somebody take me firmly by the shoulders when I said that I was going to start reading The Hunger Games trilogy and say something along the lines of ... "Kelly, we know you're borderline obsessive and we're concerned that if you start this series it's going to suck you in and you're going to daydream about the various ways that Katniss will end up with Peeta even though you'll think that Gale is a nice guy."??????? I probably would have blown you off, but ... arrgh!

I will say that I'm glad glad glad glad glad that I waited until all three books were out to start the series. I don't think I could have handled being left hanging. And this is when I'm only halfway through book 2. *sigh* My stalker-esque tendencies are coming out in full force here.

So, in case you couldn't figure it out, I finished a book...
Book #185 - The Hunger Games (Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins - Sucked me in, spit me out. I think I might be drooling now.

I also have this ...
30 days of books... Day 7 - Why Anita Blake and I are seeing other people for the time being. We're on a BREAK, people. A BREAK!

Tomorrow is the day of dooooom for the novel and I. We're going to see if our relationship can weather the storm of revising that is nigh upon us. It's a strong relationship, founded on serial killing werewolves and full-moon moments. I have great hopes for us. I also have the opening line of a new story/book/whatever. I need to write that down.

Cole's been feeling a little unwell this evening. Poor guy. He keeps giving me the pained look.

Okay. I have a book to read.