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FF-Big Damn Heroes

Look carefully, this is my determined face ...

I have one more day to finish my epic werewolf novel before I lose the chance to treat myself to a Kindle book. ONE DAY! I've written a few hundred words today but I refuse to post my word count until tomorrow. I refuse.

Anyway. Bookish stuff that is not the one I'm attempting to write:
30 days of books... day 4

Book #182 - Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Book #183 - Her Dark Angel (Her Angel #1) by Felicity Heaton

As a random tidbit, while browsing through Amazon last night I was checking out the top free Kindle books (which I do often since I had to stop actually PAYING for books) and there were a ton of new books on there. Books that looked good. I went on a downloading spree. I think I nabbed 11 new books. Sweet! Here ... Free stuff is good. You have to wade through some of the later pages, but FREE BOOKS!

Okay. I'm off to finish that damn novel. Then I get to take a small break and read The Hunger Games series. Then I get to go back to the novel and make it better. Then I die slowly when I send it out to be looked over by a trusted friend. Then I do it all again.


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Get to work woman and get it done!

It took me way longer than I thought it should, but I did it!

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