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Stock-Books-Stack of books


Professor of Smurfology ...

Obtainer of rare smurftiquities ...

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Psych-quote-Venus by Bananarama

There are no windows and no doors ...

I think I'm going to have to resort to dangling a carrot in front of my nose to get this damn book finished. I think that if I can finish it by Friday I'll give myself permission to buy whatever Kindle book my little heart desires. Any book. Any price. Boo-yah!

Yeah, so I haven't written anything today on the epic. However, I did make a bunch of fan pages ...
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Clementine by Cherie Priest
Clementine uses a different template than I normally use through Squidoo so it's a wee bit different from some of my other pages. I'm totally branching out or something.

I also posted some bookish things ...
Book #181 - Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare
30 days of books - day 2
Teaser Tuesday

I signed up with some writing websites this morning to try to get my writing on. Writing, as in, not recreational but article writing, etc. Yeah, I've decided that I want to be a professional blogger. That would rock hard! I could totally sit around all day with no shoes on and write and complain about how cold my toes are. Much like I already do. Except that they'd pay me for it! Win/win/win.

Cole has been glued to his 360 since he got home from school. For those that don't have gamer boys, Halo: Reach came out today. Apparently it's super cool and makes the boys yell very loudly at the TV. In my experience, at least.
Pictorial proof of what a cool mom I am:

I went and picked it up so that it would be here when he got home from school. And he's been lost to me since.

Okay. I have a very important epic werewolf novel to complete!

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I saw the pre-order for that game a couple of weeks ago. I am so glad that I have never broken down and gotten Alex a gaming system! And then there are the times when I wish I could have quiet and he'd be yelling at a the screen...

Professional blogger. I'd follow you :)

Yeah, we've had boys over every day this week. It's been crazy. On the other hand, it gives Cole the motivation to get his homework done ASAP. I've never seen the boy so focused.

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