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I have no use for fools ...

I did a whole lot of nothing today because I was exxxxcccccited about seeing Resident Evil: Afterlife (which I will henceforth refer to as RE4). Cole decided he wanted to see it, so I had to wait until he was out of school, but we did the whole 3D thing and it was fun!
3d glasses are so flattering, aren't they?

Anyway. I enjoyed the movie. It was loud and fast and there were Zombies and Wentworth Miller had to stage a prison break. There were a couple of little things that made me cock my head and go Wha? Namely: The world is ending, people! How do the girls all manage to find/have time to apply flawless make-up? How? Yes, Milla and Ali looked fantastic, but it's the Zombie Apocalypse! Make-up wouldn't be high on my list of priorities. In fact, I think it would rank somewhere under underwear. I'd totally expect fresh panties before hunting down foundation and lipstick. Not that they weren't wearing panties. I mean, I assume they were. I was just using that as an example.

Thing #2: How much fuel is one going to be able to find for a plane during the Zombie Apocalypse? Just curious. Speaking of which, I'm impressed that so many survivors have had flight training. You know, if I found myself in the cockpit of a plane/helicopter/whatever, I'd be frozen with panic over all those buttons and levers. I wouldn't know what to do! I'd die. Horribly! It would not be awesome. It would be bloody and gross and there would probably be fleshy bits of me strung from one side of the flying contraption to the other. Yuck.

Honestly, the movie isn't going to win any awards for being Very Important Cinema or anything, but it was fun. I got to see the lovely Milla Jovovich kicking ass and there were some very cool scenes with rain falling and broken glass that looked pretty neat in 3D.

In conclusion, I'm going to watch RE3 tonight. Just because I can.

I'm following in katikat's footsteps and posting my 30 Days of Books list over on my book review site. These are the books that are languishing on my To-Read shelf over at Goodreads. Those poor books. Maybe this will prod me into picking one or two of them up.
30 Days of Books - Day 1
Join me. Here, there, anywhere. Tell me what you're not reading!

Okay. I'm done.