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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

She was crazed. She bit me.

Another non-writing day. Once again, I opened Word so there might be something done on it tonight. You know, the way this ending to the book is hanging over me is killing me. I can see the ending. I know where it needs to go. Why can't I get to that point?

Anyway. Despite the lack of writing, I still feel marginally accomplished.
I reviewed a book: Book #180 - City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare

Made themed banners for the random book memes I'm committing myself to:
On My Wishlist
Waiting on Wednesday

And started a fanpage or whatever you want to call it for the Mortal Instruments series:
The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Dude, the series is really that good.

Random venting moment: I was at Target today and I had some coupons. As the guy was picking the stuff off the conveyor belt to scan it, he left the coupons on the conveyor belt. Of course 2 out of the 3 got sucked under and sent into an alternate dimension. I pointed it out as soon as it happened figuring that since he had been the one to put them on the moving conveyor belt, I'd still get the discount for them. I even knew how much they were for. The guy apologizes nicely and tells me there's nothing he can do. Wait. What? Dude. You put my coupons, worth $1.55 for coffee and salsa, on the fucking moving belt and let them get sucked under and now you're not going to give me my discount? I wasn't asking for 100s of dollars off. One dollar and 55 cents. I blinked at him a few times. He apologized a little more. I walked away. I didn't buy the things I had the coupons for because why the fuck do I want to pay full price because the cashier's an idiot. Now I'm put out. And still a little peeved. I guess I could have made a fuss, but I was slightly dumbfounded that the guy didn't even try to help me. That's not normal at that Target. That's Walmart behavior. Trust me, they've done that sort of thing to me before.

Ehh. I ended up channeling my minor anger into making web pages, so I guess something good came out of it.

I guess.

I'm done now.

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Gee Whiz!
Just tell the guy "Too much licking and not enough brushing!"
Seriously, I am going to incorporate that phrase in my everyday life.

Lol! I sure know how to coin those catchy phrases, don't I?

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