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Never get between a girl and her books ...

Umm, when did it get to be night? Seriously. How did that happen? Besides the rotation of the earth and all that. Gosh, I feel like I've had a spectacularly uneventful day. I didn't write, although I did open up Word. That must count for something. I played around on my book review site, but I really didn't do much. Interesting.

Book #179 - City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Clare.

I'm 200 and some pages into book 3. Which pretty much sums up how I wasted my day. Not that reading is ever a waste, but ... oh, forget I said that. I spent my day at Hailey's soccer game and reading. There you have it.

Oh, I also put up a post for books on my wishlist. This is the secret Kindle wishlist that I won't let anyone see because (a) you can't gift Kindle books so what's the point in making it public and (b) some of those books are so trashy they make me blush. This way my embarrassment doesn't go beyond what I choose to share.

On My Wishlist (week 1)
Now with snarky commentary about why I'd read such books. Ha! Yes, I do read terribly smutty FILTH! Thank you for noticing.

I must go read now.

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I came across your journal randomly this morning while browsing LJ, and although I admit the main genre of books I tend to read are shamefully chick-lit I really loved your wishlist of books! Mind if I add you to keep up to date with your reviews? Theres nothing worse then spending days reading a bad book!

I absolutely don't mind. Welcome!

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