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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

I do not want to die inside just to breathe in ...

Dudes. I blazed past my 200th tweet today. For serious! Join me over there and listen to the whining! Seriously, though, this is what happened when you're an unemployed writer. You tweet. A lot. And write, apparently. Now that you can tell from the pitiful amount of writing I've been doing over the last few days. Ever since I crossed that 100K barrier, in fact. I suck.


I feel like I'm so close to being done and yet I can't quite reach that magical last line. It's killing me because I already know what the last line is going to be and I just have to get up to it. Arrgh.

So, the big reveal finally happened. That last big thing that ties a bunch of little things together and makes it so I'm not fabricating fairies out of mid air. Heck, maybe there are fairies involved. I don't know.

I'm giving myself until the beginning of November to polish it up and plug those plot holes and fill in the thin spots. Then it's getting shipped off to be read through by a darling and beloved third party. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. It's a disconcerting feeling.

In news that does not involve my brain possibly exploding spontaneously...
Book #178 - City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare
Come to think of it, I did go kinda fangirly, draws glitter hearts around the book when I finished it so there may have been some spontaneous head explosions. Yes, I did have to go out and buy the next two in the series. Thanks for pointing that out, twitter followers.

Why, yes, I do go all fangirl stalker-esque when I find something I like. Who doesn't?

Okay. Enough out of me.

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i think those books were the ones with stephenie meyer's stamp of the approval on the front. and i dropped them like they were on fire.

Oh, don't let Stephanie Meyer stop you from reading them. They are really, really good, despite her endorsement. I'm completely in love with the entire world Cassandra Clare has created. It's so fabulous.

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