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So. Writing talk for a minute.

I have a character that's been alluded to (it's the parent of one of my secondary characters who gets to pop in and reveal something fun) and I was trying to figure out if I ever gave them a name. So I cleaned up the mess that is my "filing" system to find my notes for this story. For the record, there are notes on everything from hair and eye color to familial relationships to pack hierarchy (what constitutes an Alpha, Beta, Theta and Omega). I also have a fairly detailed outline of already written chapters in case I have to go back for a specific piece of information or whatever. I also have a list of issues that need to be addressed to close out plot lines and elements that need to be revisited/deepened to give the story more heft and flow.

So. I check my family notes. Nope, no mention. I check the physical description notes. Nope. Nothing. I check my chapter outline notes. Umm, my outline only goes up to chapter 17. I'm currently writing chapter 27. Huh. Am I really that far behind? Yikes. Still, no mention of the person I'm checking up on.

Okay. No big deal. I get to write them from the ground up. Except that I started to worry that maybe the fact that I only outlined through chapter 17 means that I did mention this character in more detail and just didn't write it down. So, now I'm re-reading from chapter 17 on to see if I did indeed give this person a name. *head desk* I'm pretty sure I didn't at this point, but I just want to make sure.


I really am on the home stretch. I know I've been saying that for days now, but it's true. I have my Pack back home and just a few minor little things to tie up. Okay, one's not so minor, but it's about to be revealed. The kidnapped girls are safe. The Pack is back together. Sex is being had. Not by all, but by some. I'm almost done!

Since I finished City of Bones this afternoon (fyi, I'm still too enamoured of it to review it. It needs to percolate in my brain for a few hours so I don't gush like a geeky fangirl) and I refuse to start The Hunger Games series until MY book is done, done done, well that means that I'm going to try to finish this off tonight. I feel the Force, Luke.

There you have it. Lots of talk about werewolves. Awesome.

Oh, and if you have a few minutes, would y'all be kind enough to drop by my book review site and tell me what you think? I want to know if there are too many widgets on it and it takes forever to load or if it's horribly laid out or whatever. Feedback it love.
Reading the Paranormal

I'm done now.