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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

You didn't think anyone was listening ...

There wasn't a lot of writing going on today. I mean, I eked out 250 words or so...

but I had this dilemma going on so I was kinda bad and put my writing aside.

See, today was one of the glorious crisp days where it feels like fall and the wind is blowing like mad. It was actually downright cold with my window open. Now, instead of closing my window and commencing the writing, I decided to climb back into bed this morning and read. I finished the book I've been working on for the past few days and then I jumped on the computer and saw that it's National Book Buying Day. Yay! Books! So I posted on my book review blog about the books that I'll be buying.

Books. Books that I want to read. Mmmm.

And then, with all that BOUNTY in my hands, I had to start reading one of them. I mean, I read the entire Dark-Hunters series earlier this year. How can I pass up the newest installment? How? So I've started No Mercy and I pretty much love it so far. Okay, I'm only, like, 125 pages into it, but it's the DARK-HUNTERS! They are love!

Anyway. I finished a book.
Book #176 - The Fallen: Volume 2 (Aerie & Reckoning) by Thomas E. Sniegoski - I read volume 1 (The Fallen and Leviathan) earlier this year and while I wasn't completely enamoured of the story, I was interested enough that I wanted to know how it ended. My biggest issue with the book (as it was with volume 1) is that random characters are introduced that are almost immediately killed off. You never have the chance to connect to these characters and their deaths ultimately have little impact emotionally. I'm not terribly well versed in angelic lore (however, ask me a question about vampires, demons or werewolves and I'll knock your proverbial socks off with my answers!) so I can't say whether the mythology that's created was wildly imaginative or totally off base or anything along those lines. I ultimately liked the entire series, especially the idea that the most innocuous of creatures can have the greatest impact. Also, the cover's not to shabby. :)

So. yeah. Books. They're what's for dinner.