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TW-Gwen-Tough day

Chasing the lies no one believes ...

Damn, my room is hot. Yuck. Sweaty, sticky hot are not things I enjoy being.

Okay, so I mentioned that I cut my hair the other day. Here's proof.

You can probably tell that I hate having pictures taken of me. I hate even more when I'm the one taking them. So, you get a side-ish view because the front on ones weren't good. And you couldn't see how short I cut my hair.

By the by, I think everyone should give me creative props for my purple bra with a green tank top. I'm totally not a fashion follower, yo. Yeah, I'm a rebel! A rebel with a purple bra! A rebel who isn't afraid to shout to the rooftops that she's got mad color matching skills!

(Psst. You'd almost have to say that a purple/green combo like that makes me excessively awesome.)

Anyway. Writing talk.
I got through the scene I was working on last night. I totally know where I need the next scene to end up. Getting from where I am now to where I need to be is more difficult than you'd think.

I'm inching along at this point, but at least I'm still moving forward. The really sad part? most of that was written after last night's journal entry.

So. One big fucking revelation later and we've got a few answers to a few questions. Now I just need to get from point A to point B before my head explodes!

There you have it.
I'm done. Later.

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I already knew you were a bra rebel.
And awesome.
Love the hair do!

I was putting my bras away the other day and I own an awful lot with skulls and/or crossbones on them. I guess my pirate fetish is rearing it's ugly head. LoL!

Your hair looks so cute!! I'd love to get my cut that short, maybe I might take the plunge.

It's downright liberating! I don't get weird bed head any more. Of course, mine was short-ish before but this is really short!

I can relate.
I can't stand pictures of myself too.
Even my facebook pic is a dark atmospheric "myspace self-portait" whimsy of an image that is designed to hide me.

I like that FB pic. it's got style!

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