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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

Don't forget ...

I came in a little short on my desired word count today, but I'm okay with that. Partly because I can really see where the next couple of chapters will be going and partly because I feel like I've got one more huge scene sitting in me that's begging to come out tonight.

The numbers, please!

More in the head of victim #2, some tantalizing bits about how they might get out of the clutches of Crazy McCrazy-pants. And not much else.

However, the next big scene, the one that's flitting through my head RIGHT NOW, puts my spy into contact with the kidnapped girls and gets the ball rolling. Word! Now, if only they realize he's there to help.

I'm hoping to have Draft 0 done by the end of this week. Then I'm on to my next project.

Oh, did I mention that I read a book?
Book #174 - Warrior (Cat Star Chronicles #2) by Cheryl Brooks - What can I say except that I enjoyed this one. A little more along the lines of an epic fantasy than some of the others in the series, what with the journey across a snowy wasteland where technology is practically non-existent, but it fits in well with the other books. I was getting curious about Leo's story, seeing as I read all these books out of order, and it didn't disappoint. On the other hand, Jack and Cat's appearance at the end felt a little like an add on. It was as if the author wanted to make sure we'd see more of Leo and Tisana (which we do) so she tossed Jack and her trusty spaceship into the fold so they could tag along. I'm not complaining, mind you, because I like the bits that Leo's presence adds to later books, but it felt like it was a last minute addition rather than a planned event. Still, I enjoyed the book and I'll undoubtedly read any others in the series.

Speaking of books, I picked up the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Meaning that I now have all three. The catch here is that I've banned myself from starting the series until I've completed my novel. I have a feeling that once I start it I won't be able to put it down until the bitter end. So, no reading THG! Nope. I won't do it. At least until the end of the week.

Okay. I'm done.