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the light forgets me ...

Whoa. The story is moving along. I know I've said this before but I think I'm going to have to do some major editing because I'm still not convinced that I'm going to be able to tie this up in 10K words. And I'm aiming for right around 100K total. I don't mind going a little higher, but ... 100K.

That said:

We got to get into the mind of kidnap victim #2 who has no idea who's taken her or why and is utterly traumatized by the brutality she's seen. Our good guys have finally caught a break and are following up on the possible location of our girl. Dreaming, connections and intuitive leaps abound.

Next: The spy finds out about the 2nd girl and has to adjust his plans. More trauma and (possibly) an explanation as to how our girl has survived as long as she has.

Today my mom asked me what the next step was once I finished writing my masterpiece (my words, not hers). I'm like, "Once I'm done I'm going to put it aside for a week or two while I work on outlining the next story I'm going to write. Then I'm going to jump back in with both feet and polish it up to a high shine." This led to me explaining why I needed a bit of a break after writing it to get a little perspective. I, for one, get very attached to the words. I need that break to remind myself that anything I write can be re-written and edited. Plus, I'm more able to see pacing flaws and weird sentence structure when I can look at it with that little time buffer.

Well, in theory that is. It's always possible that I'll take all the good stuff out and replace it with poorly written crap. I mean, I hope that's not the case but it could happen.

Okay. I kinda want to finish my book so I can jump in to the Hunger Games series.