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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

Don't you worry buddy 'cause here he comes ...

I am fairly pleased with today. I somehow managed to catch back up to where I thought I should be on my epic werewolf masterpiece. After my crappy word count yesterday, which I didn't even bother to put up, thankyouverymuch, I am extremely happy.


Wow, so much happened. Where do I begin? I'm lining up all my soldiers for the final confrontation. My girl had a screaming fit. Punishment, bodily fluids (not of the good variety), and an extended visit to the basement of doom. My hero is having a serious problem with the fact that his girl is missing, the Alpha is trying to keep him from flying off the handle, my spy with the bad guys has no idea what's going on although he'll find out soon. Very soon. The resident bad guy psycho is going even more batshit bananas with not one, but two girls under his thumb.

All in all, it's flying along.

I also took a long-ass nap (3-ish hours) and finished another book or two.
Book #171 - Outcast (Cat Star Chronicles #4) by Cheryl Brooks - Yes, I am completely reading these out of order. I know that. I'm okay with it. Everything's cool. So. I liked Book #5 (the one I read before this one). I really did. It wasn't OMG!SO FABULOUS or anything, but I liked it. That said, this one was ... OMG!SO FABULOUS! If a book can make me cry, it's totally a good book. And this one did. Kinda. You know that feeling where you get a little teary eyed and your chest feels tight? I had that. I have a deep weakness for broken heroes and Lynx was pretty damn broken. Enslaved since his planet was destroyed and used as a sex toy in a harem, Lynx has no desire to tie himself to any woman ever again. Abandoned by her boyfriend, pregnant and trying her hardest to make a new life for herself and her unborn child, Bonnie isn't looking for love. When chance has them crossing paths and Bonnie hires him to help her on her ranch, she has to fight through the layers of steel around his heart to find the man beneath. Hesitant to trust her after being used and cast aside by the women of the harem, Lynx also has a secret that shames him. One that he hopes Bonnie never finds out about. Seriously, I loved Lynx. He's surly and bad tempered and he wants nothing to do with another woman ever again. Yet, he loves Bonnie's child wholeheartedly and slowly begins opening up to Bonnie about his past. Sad and sweet and just what I was looking for when I sat down to read this book.

Book #172 - Rogue (Cat Star Chronicles #3) by Cheryl Brooks - Another feel-good book. Not as heartbreaking as #4 (which I read out of order) but with a fun, action-y palace coup and a set of sexy brothers. Enslaved by the Queen of Darconia, Tychar and his brother Trag are pampered pets, kept isolated in the palace and not sexually attracted by the reptilian Darconians. When the Queen brings Kyra to her planet to teach her daughter how to play the piano, the sparks fly between Ty and she. A palace coup sets the slaves free, but they're in more danger from the new queen who wants to exterminate all offworlders, starting with Kyra and the brothers. It was just fun, okay. Fun, fun, fun.

Book #173 - Slave (Cat Star Chronicles #1) by Cheryl Brooks - So I decided to give book 1 a try. Wow. I pretty much loved it. Jack is abrasive, rude, bloodthirsty and completely likable just because she's so unrepentantly herself. After hunting across the galaxy for her kidnapped sister for the past 6 years, Jack has a good tip on what planet she's been taken to. The catch? In order to land on the planet, Jack must play slave girl to her male master. The problem? Jack doesn't have a man she trusts enough to use that way. Her solution? Buy a male slave and convince him to help her in return for his freedom. Who does she get? Cat, a man who was sold into slavery when his planet was destroyed and who has been waiting for someone like Jack to come along his entire life. The two team up and sexy shenanigans ensue. What can I say, I like cat-men who will risk everything for the woman they love.

Speaking of books, I made the mistake of going with my mom to Costco this morning. Whoa. I picked up The Hunger Games, Mockingjay and two other monstrous books. They didn't have Catching Fire so I'll have to keep my eye out for it and pick it up before I finish with book 1. But ... books! Yay!

Seriously, was this enough of a journal for everyone? I might have a bit more in me. Maybe. No, you're okay? Okay.

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Did I read that right? You read 3 books today? Or did you just review 3 books today? WOW
Book reading awesomeness...no?

I read Outcast and half of Rogue yesterday. Finished Rogue and read Slave today.

All that on top of the 5000 fucking words I wrote. I rock! Wait, they weren't "fucking words" like words about sex or anything. They were just words. Fucking awesome words! Booy-yah!

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