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DW-Rose-All boxed up with nowhere to go

All is breaking ...

After several good writing days, today was a bit of a letdown. A couple hundred words. Boo. And it wasn't because I was having any problems with the writing, it's just that I'm so damn tired. I guess that'll teach me to only get 4 hours of sleep and no nap.

I have a book I finished last night (the reason I stayed up way too late) and one that's almost done and I'm too wiped out to do anything as strenuous as writing a review.

Perhaps I'll go watch something soothing and brainless. Like, Resident Evil or something. What? Zombies relax me.

I'm done in.

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you should read some zombies, too :)

Lol! Zombies are always appropriate, regardless of the medium!

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