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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

Swear that there's no truth ...

Another fabulous-o writing day. I had to make a run up to the airport this afternoon to pick up my mom and grandma and I knew I wouldn't be getting a whole lot done writing-wise with that looming. So, I buckled down and wrote about 2K words this morning, before my nap. Whoa! Or Woe. Your choice. I got it done. Plus, I was able to write a lot more this evening than I expected to be able to.

As an aside, I'm getting into a big bout of action and the dialog and such are moving very fluidly. It's easy to write when the words are working with you.

I managed a double kidnapping and part of the aftermath. The part where the forces of good are rallied and plans are put in motion for a rescue attempt.

Tomorrow: More plans, a possible ace up the sleeve and the two kidnappees meet.

Like I said, everything's winding down (or up) to the final confrontation. Woot!

I also finished one of my $2 Kindle splurges.
Book #170 - Fugitive (Cat Star Chronicles #5) by Cheryl Brooks - Once again, my biggest beef with Kindle books is that they're often not neatly labeled so that I can easily see which books comes first in a series. Having bought 4 books by this author in one go, I (of course) chose the 5th in the series to read first. I rock like that. That said, I didn't have any problem following along with the storyline, despite skipping a few crucial pieces of back story. I did feel like the editing was a little off, misspellings and oddly incorrect words kicked up every once in a while (that could have been my Kindle edition, I'm willing to give the book the benefit of the doubt), and there were times the story slipped into what I like to call "fanfiction-esque prose" (where you cringe a little and giggle to try to cover your embarrassment). That said, I did enjoy the book. And I've got three more waiting for me. Sweet.

Cole's reading the 2nd book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King for a book report. Do you know how hard it is to find books in his reading range for school IN MY LIBRARY AT HOME that don't involve bondage or kinky sex of some sort? Arrgh! A lot of my books are either way too old (read as: sexy) or way too young (apparently I like to read at a 4th-5th grade level, which I'm totally okay with!). It makes it hard to find books that he will both like and be able to receive credit for through school.

The point in all that, besides admitting to my bondage book fetish, is that he's asking me a lot of questions as he's getting into the book. And I kinda love it. Maybe I can convince him to read the others in the series. Except maybe the 4th. We'll do the graphic novel for that one because that book it too damn log and not as interesting as the rest.

Reading! Yay!
I'm out. I have very important things to do.

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i envy your fast reading. i wish i could read books so quickly.

Sometimes I feel like I read too quickly and I don't enjoy it and savor it as much as I could. :(

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