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All the lies that light the way ...

Happy writing day! I hit my word goal and I told myself that if I did it in a timely manner I could buy myself a few books in the $2 range for my Kindle. Guess who's feeling good tonight? And guess who's going to be heading over to Amazon when she's done here? Yes, it is me! How did you know?!?!


Today: I pushed the story forward a few days, which puts us ever closer to our climactic end scene. I had a fun little back-and-forth between two minor characters that I loved. If I could find a way to get those two together more often, I totally would. The spy with the bad guys is getting antsy to finish his job and get home, but he knows he has one more thing to do before he can get out of there.

Next up: I have to catch us up with our resident psycho and the girl he's attempting to kidnap. Maybe he'll have already nabbed her, maybe it'll be about to happen. It's hard to tell with him. Plus, an impromptu shopping trip is about to going horribly wrong and the hero's going to go batshit crazy over it.

Amazon, here I come!