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Just don't stand here and watch me fall ...

I had a really good day today. I managed to get the final 1K words written last night to hit my goal for yesterday. Meaning that I started out this morning without feeling like I was walking backwards. I hit today's goal. Yay. Cole did his homework without arguing. Double-yay. I got a call from the recruiter at the bank I submitted my resume to and hopefully I'll hear from the manager within a few days for an actual sit-down interview. Hopefully. Triple-yay!

The only downside to all this good stuff is that it was freaking 105F today. Maybe it was only it 104. Whatever. At those temps, one degree doesn't make much of a difference. It was hot. I think I nearly melted to the patio while I was out grilling dinner. Yes, it was THAT hot.


I flipped over to my bad guy today so we could get in his head as he hunts down his victim. He's found her, btw, he's just biding his time before the kidnapping. He's diabolical like that. I also forced my girl to interact with other members of the Pack, even if it scares the snot out of her. I almost said "even if it scares the pants off her" but I didn't want to give her any naked ideas because she falls into bed with our hero at the slightest provocation. She's just shameless when it comes to him.

I'm still moving the story forward and I still hope to wrap it up in 100K words total. Or close to that. Maybe I'll go a bit over. I make to no guarantees to that. Then I'll put this sweet little thing to rest for a bit and start on the next story that's percolating in my brain. Meanwhile, I'll go back to working full time and not have nearly the amount of time I currently have to do the fun writing. Boo.

That was long-winded. Sorry.

I'm off to do things. I haven't watched True Blood from Sunday yet. I really need to get on that. Right. I have a plan of attack. Eric Northman and then some smutty book reading. Sweet!