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I had this big-ass chunk of time home alone today. Like, really alone. My mom is in Seattle, Cole was on a bike ride with his dad - it was just me and the dogs. What did I do with my time? I wrote a bit, noodled around online, paid some bills, realized my printer was getting low on black ink, moved down to my mom's computer to print up my new and improved resume, and tried to find the perfect quote for my next book review. All the fun and exciting things you'd expect from someone home alone.

I did have to head out to the airport to pick Heather and Hailey up but it wasn't too terrible and once they picked up their laundry and told me all their airport horror stories, they went home.

So, yeah. I wrote.

I'm aiming for around 2500 words per day or 5000 every two days. I'm pretty happy with my output over the last week and I'm hoping to keep it up through the end of this little story that's becoming bigger and bigger.

Anyway. My main characters keep falling into bed together. I'm like, YO! You have VERY IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO BE DOING THAT DON'T INVOLVE GETTING NAKED. They just point out that they're already naked and commence the sexing. Hmm, maybe I just need to put clothes on them to curb those pesky hormones. It's a thought!

Besides dealing with my uncontrollable main characters, I also finished the book I was reading.
Book #169 - Clementine (The Clockwork Century #2) by Cherie Priest - Following the adventures of Croggon Beauregard Hainey, airship captain and thief from last year's fantastic Boneshaker, as he tries to recover his beloved airship from the hands of the pirate who swiped her. Of course being that things are never as easy as simply stealing back the ship he rightfully stole in the first place, Maria Isabella Boyd, former spy and newest member of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, is hot on his trail.
"Why are you chasing the Clementine? What's on board that you want so badly?"

"Not a goddamned thing," her told her. "I don't want anything that ship's carrying. I want the ship itself, because it's mine."


The motion of the Valkyrie's new course made the floor under their feet swing slightly, and they both swayed as they spoke. "Yes," he said. "It's mine. I stole it fair and square, years ago, and I want it back."

I love that Hainey's so unrepentantly possessive of his ship. He and his crew will do nearly anything to get her back. The only thing that gave me a sad face while reading was the lack of Rotters. Sure, we had a mention or two but I wanted more. Despite that, this was a fun little romp back in the world where the Civil War marches on and the sky is the preferred home for lawless men like Hainey. I'm looking forward to book 3 something fierce.

Okay. I'm tapped.