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Oh, yeah. I'm having a fun time.

Oh, these kid-free mornings are a little bit blissful. I did some writing, although not as much as yesterday because that was A LOT of words I cranked out. The good news is that when I went back and re-read it, I ended up liking the direction the story was taking. I had the tiniest bit of fear that everything I wrote yesterday would be a nasty ramble fest and I'd have to scrap it all and go back to the drawing board. But no.

Without any further ado ...

I was aiming for 2000 or so and although I came in a little short, I'm very happy with where things are going. The night of the full moon, which I've been DYING to write, comes up in the next chapter. Exciting! Werewolves+full moon=oodles of fun!

Randomly, I have a potential job in the pipeline. I need to send in my resume tomorrow but one of my old co-workers (okay, okay, it's actually my work BFF) made me sound like a peach to the hiring recruiter so hopefully I'll be able to get a foot in the door one way or another. Of course, then I have to make sure I don't act like a total dork during the interview, but that's neither here nor there yet.

Alright. I'm done. Done, done, done.

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are you going to do nanowrimo this year?

good luck with the job! if you really want it, that is :)

I sign up for Nano almost every year, but this might be the year I ACTUALLY WRITE SOMETHING! And when I say that, I mean more than 1000 words. So, yes. I will be signing up.

Thanks for the luck. The job is still really, really up in the air and I'm not even sure what position it's for, but I have to jump back in with both feet and the money would be nice. However, I've decided that no matter what job I end up with, I'm not giving up on my dream to be a published author. Word!

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